Christmas in Barcelona

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Christmas in Barcelona

Spending the Christmass holidays in Barcelona Spain? Youre absolutely right, with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees ( between 45 and 65 ?Fahrenheit) Barcelona is a very good place to escape the cold winters. Barcelona has been working very hard over the last years to be able to create a nice Christmas ambiance depite the warm temperatures.



Decorated streets

There are around 400 locations in the city where you will breath in the Christmas spirit by all the beautiful decoration and Christmas tunes that are being exposed. Some of the decoration refer directly to work of the famous artist Antoni Gaudi!



Christmas trees in Barcelona

The big Christmas tree of Barcelona normally stands at the Portal de Angel, but has also been located on Plaza St. Jaume. The biggest Christmas tree in the city whatsoever is the Torre Agbar! This Beautiful building made by Jean Novelle lights up during the holidays like a giant Christmas tree. You can see the tree pointing out over the whole city. Best views will be enjoyed from the many rooftop terraces in Barcelona.



Local traditions during the holidays

Beside the typical international Christmas traditions, the Catalans have some very strange side traditions that you might want to know of before being confronted without warning.

Caga Tio

On the day of the Immaculate Conception they start feeding the Christmas Tio, a magical log of wood that poops presents on Christmas evening, though he also poops carbon for those who have not behaved nice over the last year.


To make Caga Tio poop the kids will hit him with a stick while singing:


Caga Tio, Tio de Nadal / No caguis arengades, que sn salades / Caga Turrons, que sn ms bons!




Caga Tio, Christmas Tio/ dont poop sardines, that are salt / poop Turrons, they taste better


Sweet turrons, toffee and candies are the surprises you may expect to find after looking under the sheet that keeps him warm. In modern days we can also expect bigger presents, but only if you have been very good of course.

The Caganer

In Catalonia you cant have a nativity scene without a Caganer. A figure that can be found in the Catalan and Valencian Nativity scenes with its origens dating from the 18th century.

Placing a Caganer, who represents a shepherd hidden behind a tree, while having a (here we go again) little poop, supposed to bring good luck. The Caganer obtained so many fame that it is now also represented by famous international public figures. One of the most seen these days is the Trump Caganer!



Christmas markeds

There are many Christmas markeds to be found in Barcelona, but the most imporatnt one is definately the one of Santa llucia in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona in the Gothic quarter. A marked that already exist for over 200 years. Small wooden sheds function like little shops who sell all kinds of Christmas articles and decoration. The marked opens every year from November 30th until December 23th. Another big Christmas marked can be found at the park near next to the Sagrada Familia. Also on the Gran via street you can find a marked, now more dedicated to childrens toys (open from December 19th until January 5th.



New years eve Barcelona

New years eve is turned into a big spectacular celebration in Barcelona over the last years. Some extra expanses are made to turn Barcelona into a famous location to celebrate the introduction to the new year. An enormous firework show over The National palace at Montjuic is a good example of this investment. Barcelona aims for a spot between the famous video fragments of firework celebrations, shown worldwide, like the famous Times Square and Sydneys harbour bridge. The fire works will be accompanied by the traditional human towers and the always very tasty tradition of eating the 12 grapes on every chimes.




There is a Catalan saying telling us: If you eat all 12 grapes at midnight the next year will bring you fortune The eating of the grapes is one of the youngest traditions celebrated in Catalonia, as it is only 100 years old.

In the beginning of the 20th century we had an enormous overproduction of grapes. This motivated the Catalans to eat them while saying goodbye to the old year. Before it has already been a tradition in the rest of Spain for many years.



After all this reading its time to wish you a very pleasant holiday season and a very happy new year.


Feliz nadal i prosper any nou


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