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I probably don?t have to tell you Barcelona is a city where you will never get bored. Beside all the amazing Barcelona tourist attractions, there is always something going on to keep everybody entertained and to make you feel wonderful.

In this blog I will give you some nice tips for sights you absolutely will want to see during your stay, but please?never feel obligated to go and see all the sights you have on your to do in Barcelona list! Barcelona is all about enjoying the moment when it?s given to you, that would be the best way to experience the famous Barcelona Feeling. And that feeling will definitely the best memory of your visit.

One of the most asked question during my tours is: ?What else do we have to see during our stay?? On which my most honest answer will be ?Don?t worry about missing out on sights, you will definitely come back to Barcelona, and so you will have plenty of time to see it all? or I would simply want to say ?Go and have a nice drink at one of the plenty terraces and enjoy the moment with some food in Barcelona?.

Well? I do understand that you would like to have a list ?just in case?. So here is my personal Barcelona top 10 that you can use as a Barcelona trip planner

  1. La Sagrada Familia
    La Sagrada Familia

    La Sagrada Familia from a park

A visit to the Sagrada Familia will definitely make a big impression on you. The best way of visiting the Sagrada Familia would be with a guided tour. You will simply see so much more with a tour guide that can give an extra dimension to your visit by explaining you about Gaudi?s life, his inspirations and how he reflected them in his masterpiece. Of course Robbcn also offers you this opportunity with the Sagrada Familia tour. If you decide to visit the Sagrada Familia without a tourist guide, I recommend you to make the reservation directly through their website.

  1. Barri Gotic
    Gothic quarter Barcelona

    The Sant Felip Neri square

The Gothic quarter Barcelona gives you the change to go back in time. A time that goes a far back as the Roman time over 2000 years before today. Most Roman Ruins are hard to find, but definitely worth looking for. Let?s see if you can find the 4 Roman columns in the back alley of the cathedral of Barcelona, you will be impressed when you find them. Even though the Roman history of Barcelona has been very important, the most important era of Barcelona was during the medieval times. Barcelona was the capital of one of the most powerful nations over the Mediterranean see, and so this shows in the beautiful Gothic buildings the neighbourhood is named after. Besides all this beautiful architecture and charming streets, you will find plenty of shops and terraces to combine with your cultural visit. Robbcn also offers a Barcelona Gothic walking tour to tell you about all the stories behind el Gotico Barcelona.

  1. Tibidabo Barcelona
    The oldest amusement park of Spain

    Tibidabo amusement park

The Tibidabo mountain is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona. With its 512 meters (1670 feet) the mountain of Tibidabo is the highest point of the city and is therefore easy to spot from any location in the city. At the top of the mountain you can see the church of the holy heart, which is lighted every evening. Around the church you will find the oldest amusement park of Spain, Tibidabo. The amusement park opened in 1901 is today one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. The park guaranties a fun time for families, but is also a romantic sight to go with your partner. The stunning views make the old fashion rides a mind blowing experience. You can get to the park by car or by the funicular of Tibidabo and the Bleu cable car.

  1. Park Guell
    The Antoni Gaudi park

    Relax on Gaudi?s bench

The Antoni Gaudi park is maybe the best example of Gaudi?s fantastic mind. His inspiration from nature and his drive to integrate architecture into nature come together in this most fantastic park. The Park Guell is a very popular attraction in Barcelona and has since 2013 an admission fee for the monumental zone. The biggest part of the park is still for free, but I do recommend you to also visit the monumental zone, as this is simply the most fascinating part of the park. Before you go up to the park you should make a reservation online to avoid the queue and risk of the tickets being sold out. Robbcn can also take you inside the park, during a tailor made tour that can be easily combined with a visit to the Sagrada Familia, both are top sights in Barcelona

  1. Montjuic Barcelona
    Electric bike tour

    The best views over Barcelona

For those who would like to see the city from another point of view the Montjuic mountain is a very nice option. The mountain has been named after the old Jewish cemetery that was once located on the mountain, but the mountain is now a days more known because of the Olympic park Barcelona, and the fun funicular that brings you all the way up to the 18th century castle. You can get around Montjuic with the public bus line 150 to see many sights, but to get to the most stunning places you should definitely come on the Montjuic electric bike tour of Robbcn. By far the most beautiful tour in the city and one of the best activities in Barcelona.

  1. Magic Fountain show
    things to do in Barcelona with kids

    Beautiful fountain show

At the foot of Montjuic you will find the Magic Fountains near Plaza Espa?a. The fountains where constructed for the international fair of Barcelona in 1929. This event created many interest to from all over the world. Some of the old pavilions are still there, like the one of Spain in the big national Palace (now a days the MNAC museum) and maybe the most famous and important one of Germany, known like the Fundaci? Mies van der Rohe Barcelona.

The free fountain show is a beautiful show with an impresive amount of water dancing on music and lights. A visit to the fountain in summer is also nice and refreshing during the warm summer evenings and is definitely one of the nice things to do in Barcelona with kid. The fountains are displayed during the following timetables:

  • Fridays & Saturdays from 9pm to 10:30pm during the months: April, May, September and October
  • From Thursday to Sunday from 9:30pm to 11pm during the months June, July and August.
  1. Pla?a Catalunya
    Barcelona city centre

    Pla?a Catalunya

Placa Catalunya is not directly the most beautiful square of Barcelona Spain. But it is definitely a square you will find yourself on during your stay. Plaza Catalunya is considered to be the Barcelona city centre. It?s where all public transportation comes together, where Las Ramblas Barcelona starts and from where you can go up Psg. de Gracia or down Portal d?Angel to go shopping. The square is also where you can find the meeting point for most of the tours of Robbcn, at the Hard Rock caf?.

  1. Gaudi casa
    Gaudi houses

    Casa Mila

Most of the visitors of Barcelona Spain will visit one of Gaudi?s master pieces. Of which to most popular ones are La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, but many visitors will also go and have a look at the Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, on the Paseo de Gracia. Both function like house museums and are highly recommended. You can just go to have a look at their amazing fa?ades or you can decide to go in to confirm that beauty is not only from the outside. Casa Batllo is best set up for a visit for families with children. During the bike tour of Robbcn, we will pass by both Gaudi houses. If you would like to visit the houses with a tour guide you can choose for the tailor made tour.

  1. La Barceloneta
    the Barceloneta beach

    Areal picture of Barceloneta

Half way the 19th century Barcelona ciudad extended because of the industrialization. This extension of the city combined the old town of Barcelona with the small surrounding villages like Barceloneta. These little villages are now neighbourhoods within the city. Arriving in one of these neighbourhoods will give you directly the feeling you enter a new town. Barcelona Barceloneta is no exception. Before the extension of Barcelona, this neighbourhood was a small fishermen?s village, located directly at the beach line. Most of Barcelona best seafood restaurants are still to be found here, like restaurant Barceloneta. Because of the ?92 Olympic Games Barceloneta underwent some more changes, now all focused on the beach line. In total 6 km beach was created, giving the neighbourhood one of Barcelona?s most famous beaches, the Barceloneta beach.

  1. Camp Nou Barcelona
    Holy ground for many football fanatics

    Nou camp Barcelona

The football team Fc Barcelona, is one of Barcelona?s most important promoters worldwide. People come from everywhere just to go to see a game of one of the best teams in the world. The Nou camp Barcelona is holy ground for many football fanatics. If you are in town and Barcelona is not playing there is always the option to go and do the Camp Nou tour. You can visit the museum with all the prices won over years, walk around in the visitors dressing room and entre the holy field itself. Lucky enough to be in Barcelona during a home game you will notice plenty of other football fan wearing the Barcelona short on the street. As a big Barcelona fan as I am, I can take you on tour and dedicate some extra information about the game, like a small warming up before the big evening.


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