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Since not too long ago Gaudi ?s Torre Bellesguard opened its doors to the public. In this way the visitors of Barcelona can add another Gaudi house to their Barcelona trip. Of course your tour guide got curious and I couldn?t wait to visit this (for many people still unknown) Gaudi masterpiece. The sight is now one of my favourite Barcelona attractions

The House is spectacular! Even though Gaudi didn?t use his famous bended lines to much, you can still easily recognize his style. The reason Gaudi used many straight lines is because of the legendary location of the building. Torre Bellesguard is constructed on the old ground of the summer resident of Barcelona?s last count and Aragon?s king Martin of Aragon. Gaudi adopted the gothic revival style to make the building look like a small castle. Some remains of the old medieval ruins were restored and used to make the entrance of the property.

Once you arrive on the courtyard you will find the old residence Casa Figueres, more known as Torre Bellesguard (what means Tower of Beautiful views) in the middle of a big garden. It is a fairytale like little castle with noteworthy details of Gaudi?s imagination, as in the Mosaics and the 4 armed cross in the top of the 33 meter high pointed tower.

Also the inside of the building is worth a visit. You can visit the entrance hall, another small room and the music hall. Unfortunately the other rooms are not open for visitors, because this house is (like many other Gaudi houses) still in private use of the owners.

A visit to the roof top of Torre Bellesguard gives us some amazing views over Barcelona. Gaudi let his imagination run wild on this rooftop, and was able to change the rooftop into a big head of a dragon.

Torre bellesguard is one of my Barcelona tips and absolutely worth a look when visiting Barcelona and I can?t wait to show it to you.

You can combine the Casa Bellesguard with a vist to the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, or one of the other Houses of Gaudi in Barcelona on Paseo de Gracia during a tailor made Gaudi tour!


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